Statement from Andrew M. Cuomo on EPA Rollbacks

"Once again, the Trump administration is turning its back on our environment and putting our economy, our children and our planet at risk. The proposal to roll back air pollution and fuel economy standards is another shameless giveaway to the dying fossil fuel industry at the expense of our economy and the health of the American people. This plan would upend auto industry regulation in this country, decrease consumer satisfaction with worse gas mileage, jeopardize the rapidly growing clean energy economy and degrade the quality of our air.     

"New York is proud to be leading the way in the fight to reduce emissions, including through our bold commitment to electric vehicles and our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030. If the federal government moves forward with this backward plan, we will work with California and other states to preserve our stringent emission standards - ensuring we continue to protect the health of our residents while attracting the clean energy jobs of tomorrow."