U.S. Climate Alliance Urges the Department of Energy to Withdraw their Proposal to Weaken Energy Efficiency Standards for Light bulbs

U.S. Climate Alliance
Contact:  Kristin Igusky – kigusky@usclimatealliance.org

The United States Climate Alliance has urged Secretary Perry and the U.S. Department of Energy to withdraw a proposed rule that dramatically weakens energy efficiency standards for general service lamps, which account for a significant percentage of Americans’ total electricity consumed. The current standards have saved residents in Alliance states hundreds of billions of dollars while reducing energy use and carbon pollution. Energy efficiency standards are a proven, cost-effective tool to help states uphold the goals of the Paris Agreement while saving consumers and businesses money on their energy bills.  Today’s LED light bulbs are an American success story, made possible by common sense, bipartisan energy efficiency standards.  Alliance states stand ready to take the steps necessary to protect the environmental and economic health of their residents.

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U.S. Climate Alliance

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