U.S. Climate Alliance Governors Issue the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise”


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24 Governors representing more than half the car market commit to continue working together to support a strong national standard and states’ rights

 Members of the bipartisan United States Climate Alliance today issued the following statement announcing an effort to work together to support a strong national standard through the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise”: 

 “We, the undersigned 24 governors– a bipartisan coalition representing 52 percent of the U.S. population and 57 percent of the economy – stand together in calling for one strong, national clean car standard and support preserving state authority to protect our residents from vehicle pollution.  Strong vehicle standards protect our communities from unnecessary air pollution and fuel costs, and they address the largest source of carbon pollution in the United States. 

We commit to continue working together to support a strong national standard and issue the “Nation’s Clean Car Promise.”

Nation’s Clean Car Promise

Climate change is one of the foundational challenges of our time, and to truly address it, America needs cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions.  Countries around the world already are stepping up to meet this challenge.  The United States has been a clean car leader and must continue to lead in both policy and innovation. 

We must unite to ensure a strong, science-based national standard, in California and across the country, that increases year-over-year, provides certainty for automakers and consumers, reduces greenhouse gases, and protects public health.   

We call for a common-sense approach that protects the role of states at the negotiating table and establishes a strong, national standard that:

·       Achieves continuous, meaningful annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants while saving consumers money.

·       Provides regulatory certainty and enhances the ability to invest and innovate by avoiding extended periods of litigation and instability.

·       Preserves good jobs in the auto sector and keeps new vehicles affordable for more Americans.


Implementing one strong, national standard as outlined in the Nation’s Clean Car Promise is in the best interest of states, automakers and consumers.  It also shows the world that America is a leader on transportation and environmental protection. We will not compromise on our responsibility to protect the health of our communities, our climate, and the savings consumers stand to gain at the pump.  We will continue to pursue additional concrete actions to fulfill this duty and defend against any threats.” 

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