New Governors’ Resilience Playbook


November, 2018

During the next four years, every Governor will likely grapple with critical resilience issues in their state – from extreme weather events and natural disasters to crumbling infrastructure and cyber threats. The human and economic toll of not being prepared is highly consequential to your state’s residents, communities, and the economy. Finding ways to mitigate these costs and threats through effective resilience and climate preparedness strategies are therefore an essential responsibility for Governors.

The USCA Resilience Working Group, co-chaired by California and Massachusetts in collaboration with resilience leaders from eight other states, has worked to create a Resilience Playbook for new governors taking office in January 2019.

The Playbook draws on resilience innovations from USCA states and governors, covering everything from program launches to implementation. It also draws on expertise and best practices from organizations like The Nature Conservancy, the National Council for Science and the Environment, the Georgetown Climate Center, the Blue Green Alliance, and Columbia Earth Sciences Center, which are doing innovative work on natural infrastructure systems, adaptation policy, university training linkages, and data development.

We hope that you find this useful as you begin to plan ahead.