In the coming decades, Alliance states will invest trillions in clean energy, critical infrastructure and climate change mitigation. To minimize climate risk and maximize economic growth, Alliance states will collaborate on clean energy investment, focus on new insurance and risk mitigation approaches, build upon the success of established finance tools and Green Banks, and work together across the board on finance-related opportunities.


Alliance states are leading the way in rethinking traditional electric utility regulation to accommodate rapidly changing technology, meet renewable energy and emission reduction goals, and build clean, resilient and affordable electricity markets for the future. Working together, Alliance states can develop new regulatory tools and resources that benefit the country as a whole, share best practices, and expand and strengthen carbon markets.


Alliance states account for more than a third of national emissions from residential and commercial buildings and have been at the cutting edge of energy efficiency policy nationally. Coordinated policy action among Alliance states can drive the development and design of new building engineering and construction models that could be replicated across the country, and can transform national markets for energy-consuming equipment and appliances.

Alliance states represent nearly a third of total light duty vehicle sales and nearly two thirds of electric vehicle sales nationally. Coordinated action to drive zero emission vehicle deployment and clean fuel development can transform the national vehicle market. As home to some of the country’s largest ports and major freight shipment routes, Alliance states can develop and implement innovative strategies to make the movement of goods throughout this country cleaner and more efficient.


Alliance states have established the most ambitious and innovative approaches to protecting our precious natural resources. We pledge to collaborate on state-level stewardship of natural resources, including approaches to reduce and phase out short-lived, high-intensity pollutants that impact the health of our citizens and damage our environments.


Alliance states know too well the devastating effects of climate change and extreme weather. We will work together to fill the void left by the federal government’s abdication of climate leadership and withdrawal of resilience guidance for infrastructure. States will coordinate on the development and implementation of technical tools to support community resilience, including mapping to identify the risk posed by combined sea level rise, storm surge and extreme precipitation